Moving people closer to the heart of God through passionate worship

About Grace

“Grace is a worship artist, ordained psalmist, songwriter/producer.
 She operates with a Davidic anointing to capture the fresh sounds of heaven.
 Her angelic voice brings healing, peace and comfort to the nations. 
Listen and you’ll hear a voice within her voice moving you closer to the heart of God. 
Catch this messenger of the Spirit…It’s more than music!”

My story begins pretty much at birth when I was born prematurely with water on my lungs. My chest would concave several inches as I gasped for breath in intensive care. Doctors gave up all hope for my tiny frame to survive as I lost a third of my body weight just struggling to breathe. On the 10th day I was miraculously healed and sent home with the name, Grace…”when God does what we can’t do”.

My mother remembers an angel visiting me in my crib when I was a few months old and then I was filled with the Spirit when I was three years old. My mom was rocking my sister to sleep praying in tongues when she surprisingly heard beautiful melodies wafting from her toddler. I was singing in tongues and shortly after I heard a piano for the first time at a neighbor’s Bible study. I reached my tiny hands up stroking the keys and said, “Mama, I want one of these.” 
The rest is history as I continue to be love sick for the Lord. I have always felt God’s presence singing over me and sensed His calling to echo His voice to the nations. I am continuing in the journey of my great, great, great, great grandfather, Orceneth Fisher, a holiness preacher who carried the Glory and traveled the West Coast igniting Revival Fires as an early apostle to California. The Fire of His holy zeal still burns within me as this is my inheritance! I currently minister in our family church in Orange County, California where God is stirring the Revival embers.

Highlight’s of Grace Ministries

Lifehouse Worship Center – Orange County – California

Worship leader

Generals of Intercession, Cindy Jacobs

Women’s Conference, Phoenix, Arizona

“The Call” Los Angeles, Dallas with Lou Engle

Stadium events awakening revival in this generation

Healing Rooms, Spokane, Washington
Founder Cal Pierce redigs the wells of John G. Lake’s healing homes

Benny Hinn Ministries

Worship ministry with Suzanne & Pastor Benny Hinn

What People Are Saying

“If a sound could take you to heaven – this is it!”

“Wow! I heard God’s voice in your music”

“I was a ‘cutter’ & your song “Don’t Ever Let Go” set me free”

“Your angel voice floats me into His presence”

“I’m feelin’ His love when you sing”

“Amazing worship…It’s my all time favorite album”

  “About two years ago I bought Heaven’s rain, and every-time i listened I would just get lost in Jesus. Then when I saw your new CD Overflow come out I bought it immediately. As I listened throughout out these years, I can really say that your music which God has used kept me away from suicide. I’m actually diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. The fear was bad, but every-time I turned on your music I felt peace from voices and evil condemnation. And now just recently I began to hear some of your Fire Fall album. And spirit come, and your anointing, have been making me more courageous than ever before. I am going outside of my house and running with my Dad. I never been touched as deep as ever with Spirit come, and your anointing, I feel with a love as strong as Jesus, which I felt That nothing can hurt me or, take me away from him. I thank you so much Grace, you really don’t know how much your music means to me. It’s helping me get out of a pit, and rightfully so, because God is working through you.”
  “I was facing Breast Cancer and the Lord has healed me with stage 0 and what a blessing, while worship and praising the lord with Overflow”
  “Our five year old daughter was extremely sick with a fever of over 104 degrees last week and we could barely keep it down regardless of medicine.  She has quite the heart for Jesus and loves listening to Bible songs and stories.  I tucked her into our bed and put on “Overflow” & laid down with her, and pressed the play button. She closed her eyes and only about a minute later she said “Mommy when I listen to this music and close my eyes, I see angels!”  I didn’t think too much of it but then she spoke again and said “Mommy I see angels when I close my eyes”!  She was listening to your song “Open up the Gates”. After a few more minutes she said “Mommy I see Jesus and he’s on top of the world. The angels are flying around the world to protect us!” I was in awe and really felt in my heart the Lord was telling both her and I that she was going to be ok!  She said the angels were very tall with wings and some had silver hair and others had brown hair. Each group stuck together and flew around the world to protect us.  She said she wanted to draw a book about angels so she wouldn’t forget, and the pictures she drew of what she saw were amazing. I’m so thankful that I had your CD and I feel so blessed that my 5 year old has seen things I’ve never seen – and that The Lord revealed this to her!  I just had to share this testimony with you!!  God bless!!”